Logging Features

  • Log over 100 native data types in raw and add your own logging datatypes
  • Track procedures, messages, objects, files or database results
  • Trace objects, threads and processes with our automatic process flow
  • Find critical data with flexible filters even in huge log files.
  • Watch variable values in realtime and plot them on screen.

Exception Handling

  • Catches every exceptions
  • Full support for multi threaded applications
  • There's no performance loss, as long as no exception occurs
  • Email, web upload and printing functionality included
  • Build your own exception dialog
  • Catch hidden exceptions or log them to the console

CodeJak® - The universal debugging and logging engine for software developers

  • Works with a simple project rebuild
  • Compatible with EXE compressors
  • No need to distribute additional files, cause CodeJak® is fully linked into your executable
  • The size of your executable file grows only by some percent (usually single digit)
  • High-performance live logging via different transmitters to the console.
  • Detailed log with file, class, method and line number
  • Free for non-commercial usage
  • Royalty-free
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Buy CodeJak® today

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We are so confident that our customers will say
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CodeJak® Professional license starts at $399 / 299€.

With CodeJak® Professional you get an all-in-one debug solutions which leave nothing to be desired. So, whether you are developing Win32 applications using Delphi or C++Builder, building Microsoft .NET Framework applications using Delphi or Visual Studio, or using Eclipse to build your JAVA application, CodeJak® will handle your logging needs and eliminates every unfindable bug.