Release Notes

CodeJak® release notes are specific to each version of the application.



CodeJak® v2011.2.16.609 (2011.09.11)

  • added delphi 5 support
  • added XML logfiles
  • added new client connector handler in console
  • added formatted datasize
  • added sending finalizaztion stack, windowlist, method context
  • added infotext for every codejak instance
  • added password support for logging
  • added default port 4201 for tcp/transmitter
  • added check for active logging while clearing transmitters
  • added screenshots in jpg format
  • rewritten tcp/ip client/server
  • rewritted finalization stack fix
  • fixed file transmitter shutdown sequence
  • fixed pipe transmitter with unicode strings in Delphi XE
  • fixed lost results while deinit of method tracking
  • fixed codejak objects for delphi 6,7
  • fixed about dialog in delphi 6
  • fixed tcp/server threading

CodeJak® v2010.1.15.608 (2010.12.28)

  • Delphi XE compatiblity
  • auto detection of widestring data
  • removed datatype property
  • added send application info
  • fixed debug object crashing
  • removed regions
  • add new debug custom formatter routines
  • added TiBTransmitEventListener
  • added Display and CodeJak® information on SystemInformations
  • added widestring functionality to TiBJakContext
  • added vtMethodContext

CodeJak® v2010.1.14.607 (2010.07.09)

  • added new TiBJakContextRow Class
  • added TiBDebugJak.NewContext
  • added filter watches by watchname
  • added new command to show graph in console (dcGraphWatch)
  • added demos
  • changed TiBJakContext class (completely rewritten)
  • fixed setting color in watchlist disabled for strings
  • fixed changing of stripe mode in watches

CodeJak® v2010.1.13.606 (2010.05.28)

  • added Context.DebugBoolean
  • fixed background in Expert Dialogs

CodeJak® v2010.1.12.605 (2010.04.29)

  • added CodeJak.DebugSource with TWideStrings
  • added CodeJak.DebugWideStrings
  • added CodeJakPatch Command Line Util
  • added automatic detection of high performance timer
  • added variables in lognames in file transmitters
  • added CodeJak API Documentation
  • changed code documentation to doc-o-matic

CodeJak® v2010.1.11.602 (2010.04.18)

  • Initial public release

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