Log over 100 different variable types

You can log or watch all base variable types like string, integer, date, time, enum, set, pointers in the CodeJakĀ® Console.


In addition you can log many other types like:

- rect, point, bitmap, jpg, stringlist, cursors
- bitmap, jpg, icon, psd
- sourcecode (pascal, javascript)
- binary data (like files, memory dump, streams)
- database records


You have also many build in function so send systeminfo, process list, environment or your current callstack.

Categorize your log data

You can add to following information to every message:

- message group (like general, info, warning, error, ...)

- category (build your own categories to analyse it)

- text and background color

- comments

- bookmark

Build-in Viewers

CodeJakĀ® Console has many build-in viewer for the different datatypes

- binary viewer

- source code viewer with syntax highlighting

- image viewer with zoom and save functionality

- value property viewer that gives you additional information about your data

- message property viewer that gives you informations like sourcecode line, datasize, valuetype, process, threadid, session, application, computername

- graphical watch viewer that show data by id or timelime

Process Flow

The process flow automatically creates your uses class tree. You can analyse any node in the process tree and always. The process viewer filters all messages, which are in the current node-tree.

Track Methods

Our method tracking handler automatically find your current method name, unit name and sourcecode line, and add these information to your message.

Click on any message and you will jump directly to your sourcecode line, where the message has been sent from.

The Method Navigation counts every call of one method, so you can analyse which function will be called how many times.

Catch exceptions

Catch every exception and get the current call stack, much better than any other callstack analyser on the web.

You can catch handled exceptions also. And finally log all handled exceptions to the CodeJakĀ® Console to find performance problems in your application.

Write your own custom logtypes

You can add your own log handler to send your special datatype like records.

Buy now why ...

  • catch every exception
  • remote logging in realtime
  • trace processes and threads
  • high performance log viewer
  • royalty free
  • no additional files to distribute
  • free for non-commercial usage
  • 30 days money back guarantee